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Happy Man that Quit Smoking

What is it Like to Quit Smoking Forever?

A last minute decision to quit smoking; forced to find ways to deal with withdrawal symptoms; and what it's like to look back on the quitting experience after 15 years. Read one man's true journey from his last cigarette to being quit forever.

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What Happens After You Quit Smoking?

Health benefits begin immediately after you smoke your last cigarette. View a complete timeline of the health benefits you can expect after you quit smoking.

Unhappy Woman Smoking in the Rain

20 Reasons to Quit Smoking

Besides the many health benefits of quitting, there are a lot of other reasons to stop smoking. Here are 20 reasons to quit smoking unrelated to your health.

Resources to Quit Smoking

Resources to Quit Smoking

Here is a collection of the best quit smoking support sites, forums, guides, and information on the web.

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